Fingerprint Biometrics Prove Most Popular with Smartphone Users

October 10, 2017

When consumers are given the option to use a biometric fingerprint on their mobile phone, they use it. That’s according to a new survey by the Fingerprint Cards Commission. It found that fingerprints are the most popular authentication for consumers on their mobile device.


4,000 surveyed

In a global survey of 4,000 consumers across the UK, China, India and US – and smaller in-depth interview with consumers in London, Shanghai and Delhi – the report sought to find what forms of authentication are popular nowadays and why.

The results showed a clear appetite to use alternatives to PINs and passwords in consumers across the globe. In the survey, 42 per cent of those questioned had access to a phone with a finger sensor. An overwhelming 82 per cent said that they regularly took advantage of the fingerprint option for unlocking their devices, mobile payments and app protection. One consumer interviewed said:

“The fingerprint sensor makes everything more convenient. Today I can’t imagine going back to just using a PIN or password, it just feels so outdated.”

Fingerprint technology is leading the way

Other forms of biometrics were being used on mobile devices, but not as regularly as fingerprints. For those consumers who owned a phone with facial recognition, less than half regularly used it, and 51 per cent would use iris recognition if it was available on their device.

Fingerprint biometrics have dominated the market for a while and built trust. The consumers who used them provided a wide variety of reasons as to why they preferred fingerprint biometrics over passwords and PINs. Out of the consumers who regularly used them, ease-of-use was cited by 46 per cent, security by 44 per cent, speed by 23 per cent, and coolness by 24 per cent.

Fingerprint biometrics are really starting to prove popular with consumers on their mobile phones. Here at BioStore we give organisations the exact same benefits in their place of work for their staff. Fingerprints can be used to quickly gain access to the building, log-onto a computer or pay for their lunch among other things. Find out more here how your organisation could start employing the technology that so many love on their smartphones at their place of work.


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