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Financial Biometrics Expanding: Should the Workplace follow?

May 14, 2019

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Financial biometrics are another indicator of the UK’s growing adoption of biometric solutions. People in the UK are already using biometrics, whether fingerprint or facial recognition. They use them in their daily lives on their phones, and more are now starting to use them in their banking solutions. Businesses should take note and keep up.

Financial Biometrics Expanding Signals Time for Business Adoption

Financial Biometrics coming to UK

NatWest in particular is embracing the idea of financial biometrics. It is bringing a number of biometric banking solution to UK customers, both personal and commercial in the coming months.

First, it is running the first trial of biometric payment cards in the UK. Visa and MasterCard have done similar trials in the past across other countries. These biometric payment cards include a low-power fingerprint reader directly on the card. They need no battery and are charged by the contactless POS terminals themselves.

When customers make a payment over £30 that needs authentication, instead of a PIN, a fingerprint scan as they make their payment will be enough.

The NatWest mobile app for business and personal use will also start to allow payments to be approved through the use of a biometric scan. Many banking apps are unlocked by such a scan, but the approval of payments via a scan would be a first in the UK.

Don’t leave your business behind

Financial biometrics are just part of what is an increasingly a more convenient and secure way to manage access. Biometrics make things simpler and easier for people. You can bring that same advantage into your business and workplace life with BioStore solutions. You don’t want your workplace to be the last place in your employees’ lives that is a hassle and cumbersome to get around.

BioStore lets businesses use a fingerprint scan to manage access at the workplace. It can control log-on to computers, authenticate printing jobs and even make payments to in-house catering services.

Anytime employees need to verify their identity for security or logistical reasons, BioStore’s Identity Management solution can be integrated. The more applications adopted, the more convenient your workplace becomes. Employees only need to worry about their work, and not about remembering different passwords for different access points, or the need to bring cash to pay for meals at the canteen or a vending machine.

Find out more here about adopting BioStore Identity Management.

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