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The Most Environmentally Friendly Approach to an Office Lunch

August 13, 2019

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We all want to be more environmentally friendly when it comes to our lunch and eating habits. Just look at the growth of environmentally conscious diets, and the growing efforts to reduce one-use plastics. Change is happening all over, how can that change best be brought to offices?

Packaging issues?

Packaging issues?

You might have seen in the news recently McDonalds’ issues with going environmentally friendly. The major fast food chain has taken to adopting paper-based straws rather than plastic ones. It was a move applauded in most quarters, even if many grumbled the new straws were not fit for purpose.

It has since been revealed that these new straws in their current state cannot be recycled. Their thickness makes them difficult for recycling plants to process. They’re not as bad for the environment as plastic straws but it’s a bit of two steps forward, one step back situation.

The best solution to reducing waste and improving environmentally friendliness is to not have straws at all. And when it comes to office catering, the situation and solution is similar.

Despite the growing popularity of food delivery service to offices from local chains and restaurants, the best way to be environmentally friendly is to opt for catering that doesn’t have any packaging to recycle in the first place.

Attractive office catering

The long-term solution that is more environmentally friendly is in-house catering. That immediately cuts down on the amount of packaging, whether recyclable or not, that your business and its employees generate.

Instead employees can eat of reusable plates, with reusable glasses and cutlery each day. Rather than generate a bin bag full of packaging from various local eateries each day.

The key to such a solution however is that the office canteen has to be useful, attractive and convenient to make it work. A cashless solution is fast and simple for employees. A quick scan is all that is needed to get their meal, ensuring queues and long waiting times don’t present a problem. Through the use of offers and loyalty programmes, offices can make in-house catering the cheaper and healthier option for employees in the long-term.

Do it successfully, and organisations get employees who are well-fed and ready to be productive throughout the day, but who are also making a smarter choice from an environmental standpoint.

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