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Ensure Security with an Electronic Locker Management System

April 3, 2018

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An electronic locker management system can provide your gym, school, office and more with incredibly secure, yet convenient and easy-to-use lockers. With thieves about, don’t let lockers be a weak spot in your security.


Why use an electronic locker management system?

An electronic locker management system could have potentially come in handy for the many gyms that suffered break-ins around the country. A serial thief was caught recently in Birmingham by police . It’s thought he stole from upwards of 50 lockers at gyms across the country, in Manchester, London and Birmingham where he was finally caught. Using fake membership details, he was able to access the gyms and go straight for the lockers while others used the facilities.

The thief, Michal Tkacz, stole phones, watches and bank cards of regular gym members. Contactless cards allowed him to make a number of fraudulent payments. Birmingham Police Sergeant Julia Slater, said:

“Each trip Tkacz made to a gym would only last a few minutes; he made straight for the changing rooms to break into lockers.”

Thankfully, the thief was caught and has now been sentenced to a three years in jail.

Lockers that dispense with the traditional lock and key approach, can enhance security and help prevent such instances. A locker that requires a passcode, scan of a card, or a scan of a biometric, can hide the locking mechanism from potential thief’s – whereas a traditional lock and key is more exposed.

BioStore’s electronic locker management system

With BioStore’s electronic locker management system however, organisations can do far more than just enhance security. They create locker systems that are convenient for both the organisation and its users. BioStore links locker management to its Identity Management solution. The authentication a staff member uses to get into the office, or a gym goer uses to get into the gym, is the same authentication they can use to select and use a locker. Either a fingerprint, smartcard or password allows them and only them to access their locker. With a biometric, there’s also no chance of them losing the key.

This is a convenient approach as it allows for lockers to be reassigned simply and on the fly. In a school scenario for example, that is extremely useful. You can provide a viable locker solution to students without having to provide every single student a locker.

But the BioStore approach to lockers, using Identity Management, also improves security as well, by keeping track of who is and isn’t on site at all times. Using our Identity Management system for access control to the premises, especially biometrics, provides totally accurate records if a theft investigation is required.

When you use an electronic locker management system, you can guarantee the safety, reliability and usefulness of your locker solutions.

Birmingham Live: Thief broke into 50 lockers at Puregyms across UK, including at Broad Street

BioStore Locker Management

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