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Elimination of Passwords Key to Biometric Authentication Success

August 27, 2019

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A new survey indicates the elimination of passwords is the most compelling aspect of biometric authentication solutions for consumers. People are fed up of remembering multiple passwords and PINs. Biometrics is the answer to a system that has become a major hassle.

Elimination of Passwords Key to Biometric Authentication Success

Biometric authentication for payments appealing to consumers

The survey about biometric authentication comes from a collaboration between SmartMetric and AYTM (Ask Your Target Market). It focuses on how the technology can be used in payments.

The survey found a large number of benefits that consumers associate with biometric authentication in retail scenarios, with the top benefit being the removal of passwords and PINs. Some 50 per cent touted that as a benefit.

The second major benefit stated by consumers is the improved security that biometrics can bring. For 46 per cent of consumers surveyed, biometrics are perceived as more secure than passwords and PINs. Another benefit consumers listed is the fact that they can’t lose or forget their biometric.. SmartMetric’s President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick, believes that the power of biometrics could result in the proliferation of biometric enabled payment cards. She said:

“This consumer research is in-line with consumer research commissioned by us which shows nearly 70% of card using consumers would pay for a biometric credit card because of the perceived added security that biometrics brings.”

Security and convenience

It is that combination of security and convenience that makes biometric authentication such a compelling approach. That double benefit works in more scenarios than just authenticating payments. Every time you have a biometric option, you get that benefit. BioStore’s fingerprint solution enables organisations to make their workplace just as convenient and secure as these retail biometric payments. A biometric can be used to pay for catering, log-in to computers, access lockers, and even control secure entrance in and out of the building.

There’s no question that fingerprint authentication offers many great benefits. Get ahead of the game and let your employees take advantage of the same benefits.

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