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Why Electronic Visitor Systems Have Become so Important

September 6, 2018

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Electronic visitor systems are becoming increasingly more common in our workplaces. So much in fact, one report believes the market for visitor management software will reach $6300 million by 2025. Why are such systems on the up?

Why Electronic Visitor Systems Have Become so Important

Market for electronic visitor systems explodes

Electronic visitor systems are needed for the offices of today. Very few businesses run in isolation anymore. Collaboration with outside partners is a must for many. And while a lot of that is facilitated through online communications these days, there is still a place for face-to-face meetings and collaboration in person. At the same time though, as collaborative needs have increased, the desire for strong security and safety of a workplace is high. You don’t just want anyone accessing your place of work.

That’s why electronic visitor systems are becoming more important to organisations, and why the market in that recent report predicts a CAGR of 15 per cent. The size of the market for visitor management software in 2015 was $1200 million, but just ten years later it is predicted to be $6300 million.

BioStore electronic visitor systems

BioStore’s electronic visitor systems aim to provide a solution to visitor management that is convenient for both organisations and the visitor themselves, but equally ensure the security and safety of both.

Our visitor management system operates using a self-service kiosk. When visitors arrive, they can quickly register themselves or sign back-in if a repeat visitor. The kiosk can automatically print them a visitor badge. With the leg-work done on the self-service machine, visitors can be signed in quickly at reception and potentially provided with an authentication of their own to use around the office, like a smartcard. The smartcard could be loaded with the correct permissions for the visitor, such as what doors it unlocks, whether it allows printing jobs or even if it facilitates use of office catering.

For catering, guests can load funds into their visitor account at a kiosk, that can then be used in the canteen like any other employee. At the end of the day when they sign out, any left-over funds would be reimbursed into their account.

This system lets offices ensure security, only letting approved individuals into approved areas. But it’s also safer for visitors too. With the smart card and sign-in and sign-out systems, their presence is being monitored like everyone else at the office, which is vitally important in emergency situations like a fire.

Collaboration is more important than ever to a successful business, make sure you have the tools to facilitate it at your office with BioStore’s visitor management solutions.

Buisness Tactics: Visitor Management Software Market Set to Reach USD 6300.0 million by 2025

BioStore Visitor Management

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