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Electronic Visitor Sign-in Systems That Set the Tone

October 25, 2018

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Electronic visitor sign-in systems can ensure guests to your office leave thinking about their meeting and work with you, and not thinking about how that was a frustrating slow experience. You want to show visitors you’re a capable and efficient organisation and electronic systems can help you do that.

Electronic Visitor Sign-in Systems That set the Tone

Electronic visitor sign-in systems that are easy for guests

Electronic visitor sign-in systems can help you got off on the right foot with guests – instead of throwing up barriers to them on their visit. With BioStore, guests can immediately get set-up on the office system with a simple and quick self-sign-in kiosk. They can be distributed a printed badge there and then and also given a temporary visitor card or PIN code. You can then decide what level of access they will be granted during their visit. You could allow them access to certain areas only with their temporary smartcard and you could also allow them to create a temporary account for the offices cashless catering service.

A simple sign-out at the end of the day completes their visit. There’s no waiting at all times for employees to unlock certain doors and no long wait at reception getting set-up. With our electronic visitor sign-in systems, you can make life easier start to finish for your guests.

Electronic visitor sign-in systems that don’t disrupt

It’s important that electronic visitor sign-in systems work just as well for your employees as it does for guests. Our system works off the same system as the base identity management service we offer to organisations. That means all your endeavours to create a unified and simple to use office are not disrupted by the visitor system.

Employees can still use their one simple authentication, either a smartcard, PIN or even biometric to get around the office and access all the applications they need. Our electronic visitor sign-in systems don’t disrupt that.

Collaboration with other businesses and partners is becoming ever more important in today’s business world – make sure you’ve got the tools to do it properly – and leave your guest with a positive impression – and not memories of logistical headaches. Electronic visitor sign-in systems can set you on that path.

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