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Creating Effective Visitor Management System for Schools

December 20, 2018

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Visitor management systems are something all schools need – but what’s the best way to track the coming and goings of outside help easily and securely? In a school particularly, you can’t cut corners. The safety of all those on site needs to be ensured.

Creating Effective Visitor Management System for Schools

Requirements of a visitor management system for schools

A visitor management system for school needs to first and foremost be reliable and secure, making sure only those approved are on site. You can’t just have anybody roaming around schools.

Secondly though, such solutions need to be convenient. It’s no good creating smooth efficient identity management systems for schools if the arrival of one guest disrupts the flow. Visitor management needs to work in tandem and ease with existing work flow systems. Otherwise you always end up with a member of staff having to accompany the guest to access all areas at all times.

Schools will likely have repeat visitors too. Systems that can cope with this are most welcome. They speed up the process each time a trusted known visitor is due to be in the school.

The last thing schools desperately require visitor management systems to provide is accountability. They need systems that let them keep track of what visitors are on site at what times and where they are. This helps improve security but also is for the visitor’s safety in an emergency situation were a record of who is on site is invaluable.

BioStore’s visitor management system for schools

BioStore’s visitor management system for schools helps avoid all these pitfalls. We let schools use a self-sign in system that speeds up registration when visitors arrive. They can print themselves a photo badge and get set up on the system by themselves, and then just have a member of staff check and confirm the process at the end.

They could then be handed a temporary visitor smart card, that has the right level of access loaded on to the card, allowing them access to approved locations. The smartcard could also allow them access to services around the school that are beneficial to visitors, like computer log-on, printing services and even catering. Schools can allow visitors to be temporarily integrated into the same quick and efficient identity management system they are using.

The smartcards activity, and therefore visitor’s activity, is monitored throughout the day and then simply returned at the end of the day. Repeat visitors can quickly sign in and load up the same details and subsequently be granted the same permissions they were last time.

BioStore can help schools, offices and any organisations implement secure and safe visitor management. However, in schools it is particularly important for the safeguarding of children to get visitor management right. We give schools all the tools they need to do it correctly.

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