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How Management Information System Integration Makes the Difference

September 11, 2018

Management Information System integration ensures the solutions we provide are used to their full potential. For organisations, Management Information Systems can give them a holistic view of their operation, allowing them to properly track data and easily analyse it. They can be vital tools for an organisation’s efficiency...

How Best to use School Lockers?

December 27, 2017

If every Hollywood movie about high-school is to be believed, it’s not really a school unless every corridor is lined with lockers. It’s not a school unless lockers are filled with cut-outs of favourite bands and teenage heartthrobs, oh, and maybe the odd textbook or two. But in...

The Future is Cashless

September 14, 2017

BioStore’s Nigel Walker recently talked to Technology & Innovation magazine. THE FUTURE IS CASHLESS – so here are some things to bear in mind if your school is still debating making the switch, says Nigel Walker. Click here to read the entir...

Biometrics Help Fight Education Fraud

November 10, 2016

Thousands of ‘ghost’ schools and teachers are now being uncovered by the Pakistani Government thanks to biometric technology. These are non-existent schools and teachers, created purely on paper, that are fraudulently receiving vital government funds. Biometrics are helping now to uncover and stop the de...

School Libraries Facing Cuts

April 13, 2016

A new survey has shown the tough times many school libraries are facing in England. Budget cuts and the emerging digital world are forcing libraries to adapt to survive. But the importance of reading and fiction is still valued highly among many in the education industry. So what...

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