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Install a door access control system to ensure security

April 25, 2019

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A door access control system is vital for most organisations today. You want to set the access controls per individual to ensure the access level desired. Whether we are talking about a business’s office, a school, gym or hospital – organisations need ways of protecting their premises and the people who use them.

The Best way to Implement a Door Access Control System

Door access control system using fingerprints

A door access control system has to first and foremost ensure security because you want only those approved to be able to get into your buildings or certain areas within. The best way to securely manage access is to tie it to identity management. Therefore only approved individuals who are on your overall Management Information System have the ability to access areas of your premises.

The security of your door access control system is tied to the security you put into your identity management system. And here at BioStore, we allow organisations of all sizes to use biometric authentication as part of their identity management solution. You can customise each person’s access, granting different levels of access to different areas using the identity management system.

A biometric scan to get through a door is the best way to ensure security, because you can rest assured people are exactly who they say they are when they use fingerprints. Likewise, BioStore offers smartcards, PINs and passwords as a means for access, and for some organisations they are ideal.

Make the office easy-to-use

A door access control system with fingerprint authentication is convenient for staff to use, as a fingerprint can’t be left in the car by accident or forgotten like a PIN might be. You always have your authentication method with you, right at hand.

The convenience of an identity management solution tied to access control goes further. That’s because the same authentication can be integrated into other access points around an organisation. For example, computer log-in, pull-printing printing solutions and payments for staff lunch could be authenticated using the same form of identification. The more solutions tied to the same identity management, the more convenient you can make the access control system. Find out more here.

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