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Don’t Overlook GDPR Article 32

April 17, 2018

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GDPR Article 32 is an important component of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation that comes into place just next month. Organisations of all types, including schools, need to ensure they are prepared, with Brexit showing no signs of stopping the implementation of the regulation.

Dont Overlook GDPR Article 32

What is the GDPR Article 32?

GDPR Article 32 is all about ensuring appropriate levels of security for the data you handle. To quote the Article:

“the controller and the processor shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk.”

In practice, that means organisations need to pseudonymise and encrypt personal data they store about customers. They need to ensure confidentiality and the availability of data, in case those they hold data on request to view it or even delete it. They need the ability to restore data in a timely manner in the events of technical incidents or hacks. And finally, they need ways of regularly testing and evaluating their cyber security solutions.

Put in simple terms, they need to know where and what is being done with the data they store at all times, and then securely protect it. Because the consequence of not complying with the incoming GDPR legislation are high, with fines up to €20 Million or 4 per cent of worldwide annual turnover.

BioStore back-up and recovery to deal with GDPR Article 32

For organisation, including schools, when dealing with GDPR Article 32, what’s really important is that data is securely protected and can never be accidently misplaced or lost. When a student or customer asks for the data you hold on them, not being able to show them or find the data is not good enough, especially if they wish for it to be deleted.

BioStore’s Backup and Recovery data solutions seeks to help organisations ensure that is never a problem. Even after a technical mistake or hack, there will always be an encrypted backup of the data you hold – so when you’re asked to show what data you have – you always have an answer.

BioStore, through its partner Global Data Sentinel, has a whole range of solutions to help organisations deal with the incoming GDPR rules. Back-up and Recovery is just one aspect that can really help ensure you’re ready for Article 32. Find out more about BioStore’s GDPR solutions.

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