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Don’t Leave Print Management Services Behind

August 30, 2018

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Print management services should not be forgotten about in the quest to upgrade and modernise offices. Our attentions might be turning to the digital space more and more, but printing and hard copy documents still have their place, and there are ways to improve printing in the office to ensure it doesn’t disrupt the strive for greater efficiency and security.

Don’t Leave Print Management Services Behind

Print management service that ensure security

When offices are striving to increase cyber security, they need to ensure that print management services are not being overlooked. For example, last year one hacker broke into 150,00 insecure printers over one weekend to raise awareness of the issue. Firewalls and security features need to be extended to printers in this day and age, especially as important documents will still frequently digitally pass through them.

However, not only are printers these days connected online devices, they are obviously the point at which physical documents are produced. Physical documents should not be forgotten about, they form an important part of information security, as much as digital documents do.

Print management services, the likes we provide here at BioStore that use pull-printing solutions, can help ensure printed documents are only accessible by those approved. For example, when you send a print job to a printer, with BioStore you can ensure the print job only starts once you authenticate the job with a biometric scan connected to the printer. This way, important documents do not sit in a printing tray unchecked. You can control the print and ensure the documents security.

Keep the flow with print management services

Follow user solutions for print management service primarily help improve the security. But it also just makes life more convenient in the office. You might have multiple printers in the office and are not sure which one is going to be most convenient for you to collect your print job from. Follow user solutions authenticated by biometrics, smartcards or PINs allow you to pick up your printing job when convenient for you at the printer that makes most sense. By not spurting out print jobs as soon as they are made, you also stop the printer tray getting full and quickly becoming a mess.

Print management services are not the most glamourous part of office security and convenience, but get it right using BioStore’s identity management services, and it can become a vital component towards building a smooth and easy to use office.

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