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Does Your Office Need Biometric Attendance Systems?

April 19, 2018

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Biometric attendance systems can be used by companies to improve the reliability and security of their attendance solutions, while improving convenience. But one company in China has primarily installed such a system to keep better tabs on absent workers.

Does Your Office Need Biometric Attendance Systems

Chinese company looks to biometric attendance systems

Ping An Insurance, the second largest insurer in China has decided to start using biometric attendance systems for its 1.4 million agents. The company is using facial and voice recognition systems to monitor the attendance of agents at morning briefings.

Jessica Tan Sin-yin, deputy group chief executive said:

“Before we introduced facial recognition, some agents who didn’t attend the morning briefing would ask their friends to sign them in using their staff card. Now the agents have to show their face to sign in, so we can make sure all of our 1.4 million agents go to work and attend the briefing.”

It’s not great that the company can’t trust its employees to show up – but the biometric systems ensures corners can’t be cut.

BioStore Biometric attendance systems

BioStore’s biometric attendance systems do work in organisations favour in the same way, ensuring employees’ attendance is recorded reliably and securely (although we prefer it to be used for things like knowing who is in the building in case of an emergency). But our fingerprint-based system is designed to be full of benefits for your employees more than anything. It’s not just a system to prevent attendance fraud.

By using fingerprint biometrics, you can let employees register their attendance simply and quickly, without the need to remember to bring any smartcard or password along with them to work. Their authentication is instead always literally at hand.

BioStore also integrates that same authentication in to a wide range of other solutions around the office – such as catering or print management and much more, to really make the office a convenient and an easy place to work.

Hopefully your workplace is one workers want to come to in the morning – but with biometrics from BioStore – you can ensure that the workplace is simple to use on a daily basis – and reliable for both employers and employees for registering working hours.

Planet Biometrics: Chinese insurer uses facial recognition for attendance

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