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Time to Ditch Keys in Locker Security

April 16, 2019

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Locker security is in need of updating. Too often, lockers are successfully targeted in places of work, gyms and more. It’s time to move on from lock and key solutions to more sophisticated and secure methods of securing lockers, that actually bring a host of other benefits.

Time to Ditch Keys in Locker Security

The locker security issue

You don’t have to look far to find stories of locker security issues any time of year. In the UK for example, a spate of gym locker thefts in Berkhamsted have recently been reported, and the same goes for a hospital in Toronto.

Criminals naturally target lockers that hold our valuables. So how can we go about securing lockers beyond current means? The switch to lockers that make use of identity management is how we believe lockers can be improved here.

Say there was no key to steal, no exposed lock to fiddle with, and instead, to open a locker, what you needed was your fingerprint. Good luck to the criminals trying to get that off you unnoticed. A biometric approach to locker security lets you hide the locking mechanism of a locker and gives it an incredibly unique and secure unlock method that can’t be replicated.

Simple locker management

A biometric approach like this certainly improves locker security, which given their purpose, is the number one priority. However, there are other huge advantages of switching to biometric means of unlocking and locking lockers.

Firstly, for users, using a locker becomes so simple. The only thing they have to remember is which locker they are using. They don’t need any key, token or code to use a locker – just their fingerprint will do. On top of that, the approach is easier for organisations managing the lockers too. Lockers are easily reassigned when using biometrics, and there is no need to maintain and replace lost keys. A locker management system that uses an overall identity management system cuts admin and saves time.

Organisations of all types and sizes could benefit from ditching keys for fingerprints when it comes to lockers. Find out more here.

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