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Creating Convenient Workplaces with ID Management Systems

January 31, 2019

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ID management systems can be the key to creating a workplace that is flexible, easy to use and rewarding for your employees. Importantly though, it can improve accountability and productivity around the office too.

Creating Convenient Workplaces with ID Management Systems

How to implement ID management systems?

There are a couple of ways to implement ID management systems. You could let people identify themselves using a password. That would be the traditional method. In the last decade smartcards have become a more popular option. Or you could use a biometric solution, like a fingerprint. We offer all the above here at BioStore in our solutions, allowing offices to use them in any combination.

However, the advantages of the biometric fingerprint should be highlighted. With a fingerprint option for an ID system, employees have nothing to remember in order to identify themselves. There are no cards to lose and no passwords to be forgotten or stolen. It makes identifying yourself at the office incredibly easy and quick.

And even better, it makes the office extremely secure. No one who doesn’t have an approved biometric can access the office or its services.

ID management systems to create unity

Once you’ve chosen your form of authentication for ID management systems, the next question is where and how will you implement them? BioStore prides itself on the ability to integrate its system across offices in multiple applications. With BioStore, you could let offices use the same authentication to allow access to the building, to pay for catering, to log-on to computers, to authenticate printing and more. There are no real limits to what you could do.

It helps create secure systems around the office, but because it uses the same biometric or authentication, the experience for employees is unified and simple.

This approach can allow offices to implement more flexible working hours, because the ID system allows for accountability wherever employees are working from. This can help create a more attractive working environment for millennial workers in particular. Check out our white paper on this very topic to understand how ID systems can make the difference to the attractiveness of your office to potential employees and help retain current talent.

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