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Creating Office Attendance Solutions that Suits All

July 10, 2018

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Office attendance solutions bookend the working day. They might not be the first thing you think about when trying to create a productive smooth and efficient office, but get it right and you create a work environment that starts and ends the day right. Such solutions should work in both employees and employers favour.

Creating Office Attendance Solutions that Suits All

University monitors staff with office attendance solutions

Sometimes, office attendance solutions are necessary because staff are taking liberties or not even showing up. In that case, employers need reliable and secure office attendance that properly records and monitors presence.

That’s what Bangalore University was struggling with. It found that university staff attendance was below what it should be. As such, it installed a biometric system to record sign-in and sign-out of staff. It said:

“We are just asking them to mark their entry and exit each time through which authorities can monitor whether the faculty members are in the classroom for the duration mandated for them as per University Grants Commission norms.”

It’s a great system for employers because it can’t be tricked in simple ways like lending a smartcard to a friend, sharing their password, or simply asking them to sign your name.

BioStore’s office attendance solutions

Now hopefully you work in an environment were office attendance solutions are not needed so an eye can be kept on rogue staff. The biometric office attendance solution we provide here at BioStore does that, but really, it’s about making life easier and more convenient for staff themselves.

Besides, it’s good for staff to have an accurate and reliable record of their work hours for any dispute on hours worked.

What a biometric office attendance solution does is give staff a way of accessing the office simply and conveniently, and that should be the focus. They don’t need to remember a password or to bring a smartcard with them. They just need their fingerprint. A simple scan at an ID point gets them into the office and registers their attendance. Likewise, on the way out.

And if an identity management system like this is used in this way for attendance, it can be used for so much more around the office to further improve the efficiency and smooth running of the office. The same biometric that registers attendance could be used to log-on to computers, collect printing jobs or even as part of a cashless catering solution.

Office attendance solutions when implemented properly make the whole office operation run smoothly, benefitting both employee and employer. It can help take a little bit of hassle out of a work day. It also crucially makes sure everyone is on the same page regarding attendance records, with a biometric system, there is no doubt who is at work and when.

The New Indian Express: Biometric system to check attendance of Bangalore University staffers

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