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Cashless Catering: Create the Perfect Office Canteen for Employees

May 28, 2019

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Creating the perfect office canteen for employees is becoming more of a priority for organisations throughout the UK. The importance of healthy, well-fed and happy employees is being recognised. What’s the best way to ensure the biggest number of employees get a decent meal while at work?

Cashless Catering: Create the Perfect Office Canteen for Employees

Growing lunchtime trends

There are a couple of lunchtime trends growing across the UK. Firstly, people are heading out and leaving the office in search of decent food regularly. A survey by the office perk company, Perkbox, found that 53 per cent of working Brits lunch out at least once or twice a week during work hours. In fact, a quarter do so three or four times a week.

The other growing trend is the use of food delivery services. One new report delved into their growing impact and potential growth in the coming years. Why go to the high-street when you can have someone deliver right to you?

More and more people are recognising the need to eat well, including while at work. Good food powers concentration. There’s just a couple of issues though. First and foremost, lunching out or ordering in can be expensive. And secondly, lunching out can result in extended lunch breaks. It’s good to get away from the desk for a break, but you don’t want employees trekking back and forth too far regularly.

An affordable and useable office canteen

An office canteen that delivers what employees are looking for is the answer that best suits both them and employer. Through the use of technology, you can minimise the barriers that stop employees from using an office canteen.

Businesses need to make the office canteen affordable and a valuable option to employees. That means reasonable pricing that offers more value for money than delivery services and the high-street. Lower pricing can be achieved through rewards and loyalty points for regularly using the canteen. A cashless catering solution that uses identity management can help implement such systems.

A cashless catering solution will help combat other common problems experienced by office canteens. It ensures queues are short and service is fast. With everything pre-paid for in advance, collecting meals is speedy.

With cashless catering technology, you can make the office canteen convenient and an attractive option for employees.

Read more about the benefits a cashless catering solution can bring to your office canteen.

Confession time: 53% of working Brits lunch out at least once or twice a week during their working week

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