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How to Create Secure Premises for Organisations

January 17, 2019

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Your premises, whether you’re a business organisation, school, leisure centre, or whatever you may be, need to be secure and safe for the people who use them. Not just anyone should be able to access them as they see fit. And not everyone who works or uses your premises necessarily needs access to everywhere at all times. Here at BioStore, our identity management solution can create strong security for your premises, while simultaneously making getting around simple.

How to Create Secure Premises for Organisations

Convenient and secure premises

Identity management for access control at your premises, locks entrance to areas unless individuals have approved verification. This verification and identity management can be implemented in a number of ways by BioStore. The most secure way is to opt for biometrics or a multi-factor authentication solution.

A scan of a fingerprint is a very secure method of authentication to use because it can’t be lost or stolen in the same way a card, password or PIN code might be. Use biometrics alongside one of those other factors to really create a strong secure system.

With biometrics you can rest assured those identifying themselves are exactly who they say they are, ensuring only approved employees, students, or members of a gym have access to your premises. The identity management aspect lets you further determine the access each person has. Maybe there are some areas accessible to all and others only accessible by certain members of staff. The identity management system lets you easily control those permissions, all on the same system. And those permissions are easy to change and adapt when needed.

The real power of BioStore’s solution, is that the same authentication used for physical access control can be used for other key services around your premises. The same biometric could be used for cashless catering, computer log-on and more too. Find out more.

Accommodating visitors at your premises

Such systems are great for controlling what’s going on at your premises, ensuring security in a convenient way for people on a daily basis. But it’s no use if the same system can’t accommodate those occasions when those from outside your organisation need to visit and access your premises.

Thankfully, BioStore’s identity management system is flexible and allows for secure visitor management. Visitors at a self-sign-in kiosk can get themselves quickly integrated into your overall identity management solution, even printing themselves out a visitor badge. From there, visitors can be distributed a temporary smartcard that works with your access control system, granting them only the level of access you decide. This allows them to quickly and simply get around your premises without fuss. The card is simply handed in at the end of the day, and the permission removed from it when the visitor signs-out.

Creating strong and secure premises are a basic need for organisations. It should be a starting point and when done right, with identity management, it can be a tool to make the working day and operations run smoothly and seamlessly for all.

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