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Complete Your Catering with Cashless Vending Machines

August 22, 2019

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There is a cashless revolution taking place all over the UK, and with solutions like BioStore’s, food and drink at the office canteen can be purchased with nothing more than a fingerprint. A cashless solution help speed things up and keep things simple. When organisations adopt cashless vending machines, they complete the last piece of the puzzle.

Complete Your Catering with Cashless Vending Machines

Cashless catering for offices

BioStore’s cashless catering for offices makes catering simple and effective. Employees use the same identity management they use to access the office, computer log-on and to pay for their meals in the office canteen. Everything is paid for in advance via an online account. The scan of a fingerprint, or the scan of a smartcard or entry of a PIN is all that is needed to collect food and drink in the canteen.

It helps create an office canteen that is speedy and convenient to use. Employees can spend more time relaxing, eating and socialising, rather than wasting their lunch break in a queue or a long trip back to a local shop or restaurant.

Cashless vending machines benefit businesses

When employees don’t have time for a full meal or are looking for a morning or afternoon snack, vending machines can still be a useful option. It’s annoying however when everyday life doesn’t call for cash and change, but vending machines do.

That’s why we allow organisations to integrate cashless vending machines into their overall cashless catering solution. BioStore can help install entirely new vending machines fitted out with such capabilities, or help retro-fit existing vending machines to accept cashless payments.

That way throughout the day, everything employees need to access can be accessed with the same authentication, all the way down to cashless vending machines. Find out more here.

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