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60% of Companies Suffer Printing Security Issue Last Year

March 5, 2019

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Printing security is an aspect of overall security that cannot be overlooked. Any devices connected to the internet can be a vector for attack, but printers pose a physical data breach threat too.

60% of Companies Suffer Printing Security Issue Last Year

New survey sheds light on printing security

A new survey by Quocirca, a research outfit, has shown the level of printing security issues that still remain in business. Its global report found that 60 per cent of companies in the US, UK, France and Germany suffered a printer related data breach last year, on average costing the company $400k.

Lead Researcher on the report, Louella Fernandes, said:

“Print infrastructure is vulnerable to all the threats associated with IoT devices, but also to risks linked to hard copy output. The number of print-related of breaches reported by the organisations we surveyed is concerning and the lack of security maturity shows that businesses can and should do more.”

Organisations are perceiving the IoT threat somewhat, with 70 per cent indicating as the major threat. In reality, it is the physical copy left in a printing tray that is perhaps the biggest single threat. The survey found 32 per cent of actual incidents of data breaches came from these kinds of situations.

Some 87 per cent of the respondents indicated that printing will still be a major part of their business operations in the next two years. It’s vital these organisations start to get to grips with the security of such solutions.

How to improve printing security

Efforts to combat printing security issues were found in the survey, but not enough. Only 51 per cent said they had a formal print security policy, while 40 per cent use pull printing practices.

It is the use of pull printing, that can really help to eliminate the physical risk of data breaches for printing.

Pull printing means that a printing job doesn’t just start when you hit print on your computer. You activate and start the print at the printer itself. This way, no sensitive information lies waiting in the print tray, where anyone could get their hands on it.

Here at BioStore, we make pull printing incredibly secure by integrating biometrics. Users have to use a scan of their fingerprint to activate their printing job. This is the ultimate way to ensure the security of physical documents when printing. You and you alone can activate your print jobs.

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