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Cashless Vending Machine Solutions Leading the Way

June 13, 2019

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A cashless vending machine is speedy, convenient and simple to use. You would rarely pick a vending machine when you have the time to get a proper fresh meal, but when you are in a rush, they can be a life saver. And when they can operate without cash, they are at their most convenient.

Cashless Vending Machine Solutions Leading the Way

Cashless solution for office vending machine

It’s most likely at the office where most of us still encounter a cashless vending machine. When your workplace goes cashless, it makes using a vending machine easy. With BioStore’s solutions, employees don’t even need their wallet. And they certainly don’t need to ensure they have cash or change on them.

Cashless solutions can be integrated into the overall identity and access management system which can be used to access the office building, office rooms and digital office applications. The employees would only need to verify their identity through a biometric fingerprint, smartcard or PIN in order to authenticate their purchase at the vending machine. An online account that is easily topped up with funds is all that is needed, the same account that is used to pay for meals and drinks at the office canteen.

Contactless solutions in public spaces

The expansion of cashless vending machine is growing fast, leaving vending machines that don’t offer cashless payments out in the cold. In these scenarios, whether a mall, public gym, library, or airport, cashless payments via an online account allow for easy payments without the need for cash.

We have long been able to pay by card at these machines, but the use of an online payment account really adds convenience and speed to the process of grabbing a quick snack or drink.

Cashless vending at hospitals

A hospital is an interesting example where vending machines are hugely used, by patients, visitors, and hundreds of employees.

To make a vending machine attractive to all, you need to offer multiple payment methods to ensure inclusion and uptake. Contactless debit card payments are one to consider for visitor and patients, and for employees, an online account and identity system. Employees should be able to make payments around the hospital, whether it be at the canteen or vending machine, using nothing other than their employee identification card.

Cashless vending at schools

Similar to an office scenario, vending machines can be integrated into the school’s cashless catering solution. Parents top-up their child’s online account, which students can use to pay for meals at the canteen, or at a vending machine with nothing more than a fingerprint, smartcard or PIN that simply authenticates their identity.

Here at BioStore, we can supply cashless vending machine solutions to organizations of all sizes and types. Two things make the BioStore approach stand-out. First off, the solution can be linked to other services and applications that offer convenience for users, all while reducing costs and admin time. And secondly, we provide new cashless vending machines, but we can also help you retro-fit existing vending machines to accept cashless payments. Find out more here.

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