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How a Cashless System can Transform an Office

May 2, 2019

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A cashless system can make a huge difference in your office, increasing productivity and improving employee happiness. Such systems can help you create a workplace culture that values well-being.

How a Cashless System can Transform an Office

Cashless system for catering

A cashless system in an office primarily shines for catering. You can let employees get their pre-paid lunch quickly. Employees only have to keep an online account updated, which is easy with BioStore’s auto top-up capabilities.

Whether in the office canteen or at a vending machine, all they need is a biometric fingerprint, smartcard, password or PIN to receive their lunch. The authentication they need is entirely up to you and what you think best fits your needs.

Regardless, having lunch at the office canteen becomes quick and simple. And employers should be encouraging employees to take their lunch break. A mental break, and some food to provide energy for the afternoon improves productivity. It’s far more desirable than employees powering through lunch at their desk eating unhealthy snacks. Encouraging your employees to take a proper break shows care for their well-being and it encourages socialising and team-bonding.

Well-fed happy workers are more productive. Our free white paper explores how millennials in the workplace expand on these ideas. Read the white paper here.

Integrate multiple applications with identity management throughout the office

BioStore’s cashless system makes use of its overall identity management system. It’s a system that integrates with your existing IT assets, applications and database to create one central console. What that means in practical terms is that everything around the office can be controlled by one central secure identity management solution. Employees can use the same authentication to register their attendance, log-on to computers, and as mentioned, use office catering.

One simple authentication for all physical and digital applications around the office makes the workplace more convenient for workers. You remove obstacles and hassle from the employees working life. Combine that with greater well-being from greater use of catering facilities, and you have a transformed the office environment.

BioStore Business Cashless Catering

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