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Cashless System Benefits for Organisations

April 18, 2019

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A cashless system benefits organisations in a host of ways. Removing cash from the workplace, gym or school not only makes them more secure, but helps them run smoother and up to date with modern trends. Cash is on the way out in the UK, make sure your organisations is prepared.

Cashless System Benefits for Organisations

Cashless system benefits catering

The catering operation of an organisation sees the most cashless system benefits no doubt. It predominately does this by increasing the uptake and use of catering. That’s because cashless systems make them more attractive, easy and simple to use. No one is put off by long queues and slow service when cashless systems allow for the scan of a fingerprint, a smartcard or the entry of a quick code to pay for meals.

With payment handled before hand on easily manged online accounts, users of catering don’t have to worry about payment on the day. And neither do kitchen staff have to devote time to taking payment. Users have no barriers to getting their lunch, and kitchen staff can solely focus on service.

A cashless system benefits the catering operation by making it more financially viable, but also helps the overall organisation in a bigger way. The more employees or students you can get eating a healthy decent meal on the regular, the better for the productivity and output either in the workplace or in the classroom.

Using the system for more

The cashless system benefits are not confined to the canteen however. The system uses identity management that can be integrated into a number of other applications around the workplace. That means that multiple services around the workplace, school or gym all use the same authentication. That makes life so simple and easy for the users of your systems.

Let’s take an office as an example. Staff could register their attendance and gain access to the office using the same biometric fingerprint, smartcard or pin they use for catering. BioStore allows organisation to use whichever authentication is right for them. Staff could then use the same authentication to log-on to their computer and activate printing jobs.

Any scenario around the office that required the authentication of identity to use, BioStore has the ability to integrate it and create a unified and simple to use place of work. The same goes for schools, and other organisations like gyms and hospitals. Find out more here how BioStore brings cashless system benefits to all kinds of organisations.

BioStore Cashless Catering

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