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Biometric Payment Technology to be Used by 2.6 Billion People
Biometric Payment Technology to be Used by 2.6Bn People

November 1, 2018

A new report has highlighted just how big the growth of biometric payment technology could be in the next few years. The use of biometric payment technology is growing on online and mobile channels, but it could be set to infiltrate physical in-store payments in a big way...

Why Offer a Cashless Vending Solution
Why Offer a Cashless Vending Solution?

October 30, 2018

New cashless vending solutions can take that old underused machine in the corner of your office and make it an attractive and useful option for workers once again. A cashless vending solution takes what is now outdated, twists it, and makes it new again – a trend happening...

Benefit of Electronic Payment Systems in the Office
Benefit of Electronic Payment Systems in the Office

October 18, 2018

Electronic payment systems for office catering are becoming a must – because relying on cash is not going to work for your employees in the long run. Slowly but surely, the UK is heading towards a cashless ...

Why Cashless Payment Methods are Catching on down the Pub
Cashless Payment Methods Catching on down the Pub

October 2, 2018

Cashless payment methods are making life easier for both organisations and their customers. We have had new pound coins and new five-pound notes in recent years, and more are coming in the next few years, but in the long run, cash’s days are numbered. Cold hard cash could...

Why Your Office Should have Cashless Payment Vending Machines
Why Offices Need Cashless Payment Vending Machines

September 25, 2018

Cashless payment vending machines are the way to make the office vending machine relevant again. In many organisations, they are redundant, underused and are simply just taking up space. By updating vending machines, offices can make them relevant and valuable to employees...

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