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How a Cashless Card System Powers the Working Day

April 11, 2019

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A cashless card system for catering inside an organisation can make a bigger difference to the working day than you might first expect. Such a solution not only gets more staff using catering, fuelling their work, but can be further integrated throughout a workplace to make operations smooth, simple and secure.

How a Cashless Card System Powers the Working Day

A cashless card system for catering

The primary reason to install a cashless card system is obviously to remove cash from the workplace and power catering. Staff can pay for their meals using a smartcard instead. They have a catering account that is easily topped up online or at kiosks on-site. Auto top-up options make sure management of the account is even easier.

Then in the office canteen, all staff need to do to pay for a meal is scan their cashless card. It makes their life easier for a start, they don’t have to remember to bring cash to work. And then when they are receiving their catering, queues are not a problem. They move quickly when all that is needed is a quick scan. There are no long delays while people try and find the right change or wait for a credit or debit card to connect.

Encouraging more staff to get a proper meal, knowing queues won’t be a problem, helps power their working day, ensuring staff have the energy to complete their work.

Creating a unified workplace

Cashless card systems help power staff themselves, but they also help power internal operations. The same card can be used for much more around the workplace. It could be used to control access to the building and areas within. It can be used to register and track working attendance. On top of that it can be used in computer solutions, to manage log-in and pull-printing printing solutions. It can even be used in locker management solutions and vending machines. Anytime staff might need a secure way of authenticating themselves, BioStore is able to integrate that solution into its overall identity management solution.

What that means for staff, is the office is incredibly simple to use and hassle-free. The same card gives them access to everything they need. Instead of tens of things to remember, all they need is their one smartcard. It lets them worry about their work, and nothing else.

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