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Canadians Most Comfortable with Fingerprint Biometrics

January 17, 2018

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A Visa-backed survey has shown Canadian consumers are comfortable and happy using and exploring biometrics. It’s the second study in recent weeks from Visa showing western consumers’ openness to biometric tech.


Fingerprint biometrics lead the way

Just like in Visa’s survey of American consumers, this latest survey interviewed 1,000 people and Canadian respondents had a similar outlook. While 57 per cent of respondents had used fingerprint biometrics at least once, 69 per cent were interested in using the tech. A quarter of the respondents said they use it regularly and not just on the odd occasion. And lastly, 61 per cent said they would be interested in using such tech for payments.

Other less prevalent forms of biometric technology, were not responded to as favourably. Less than half of respondents were interested in trying eye or facial scanning. In fact, only 34 per cent were interested in facial recognition. Just like for fingerprint scanning, that attitude could change over time, but at the moment, fingerprint scanning remains the most popular mode of biometrics.

Are biometrics faster and more secure?

The biggest benefit of biometric technology cited by Canadians is eliminating the need to remember passwords. Some 65 per cent said biometrics were easier to use than passwords and pins.

However, only 44 per cent agreed that biometric technology is a more secure option. The issues with passwords have become all too well known. The sheer number we need for our digital lives today has made them impractical. Repeat and weak passwords are rife.

Biometric technology can help combat the need to remember multiple passwords, and when implemented properly is extremely secure. It’s clear from the survey that the convenience message has got through to consumers, they can easily understand that when they see biometrics in action, or for example use the fingerprint scanner built into their smart device, but more work needs to be done to educate and explain why and how such tech is more secure as well.

Western appetite for biometrics

Here at BioStore, the appetite for biometric technology recently revealed in this survey and others does not surprise us. In our solutions, we see every day how fingerprint scanning makes operations more convenient and safer. We only expect the trend to continue across not only western countries, but around the globe.

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