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Business Benefits of Implementing a Unified Identity & Access Management System

September 17, 2019

The implementation of an identity and access management system brings convenience and security throughout an organisation. While it’s not something that you immediately think can make a huge difference, the wealth of marginal gains a well-oiled system brings massively enhances an organisation’s workflow and productivity. Plus, businesses need...

Secure Fingerprint Access Control for Staff Lockers

September 12, 2019

Staff lockers are a useful addition many businesses appreciate, but they can be a bit of a nightmare to manage. How do you assign permanent and temporary access to staff? How do you control access reliably and safely? Modern technology makes the implementation and maintenance of staff lockers...

Why Organisations Should Opt for Fingerprint Authentication

September 10, 2019

Biometric fingerprint authentication might not be something you immediately think belongs in your organisation. The perception is that they belong in high-security facilities. That’s not really the truth anymore. If your smartphone is important enough to be protected by fingerprint biometrics, your place of work and business should...

Why Invest in an Office Canteen?

September 5, 2019

In today’s working world there are many options on the menu when it comes to lunch. Some like to bring in their own healthy lunch and eat at their desk. Others love to get out of the office and into a local eatery. Some spend daily on meal...

How to do Attendance Monitoring Right

September 3, 2019

Each and every day most of us check in and out of work in one way or another. For some it’s very informal, and for others, stricter rules must be followed. Regardless, why are many organisations turning to biometric solutions for attendance mon...

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