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What A Breeze a Biometric Leisure Centre Could be

November 27, 2018

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A biometric leisure centre makes things easy for members from start to finish. Whether they are there for a swim, gym session, or fitness class, a biometric approach creates a unified and secure experience. No sweat.

What A Breeze a Biometric Leisure Centre Could be

Smooth and easy to use biometric leisure centre

A biometric leisure centre could use people’s fingerprints to create a simple experience. Members would gain access to the leisure centre as a whole, and areas they are approved to go to, with the simple scan of their finger. This means they don’t have to scramble around looking for their gym card before they leave home – they can’t ever forget to bring it along.

That’s just the start though. A smart approach for leisure centres is to keep using that convenient fingerprint authentication for more around the gym. Take lockers for example. Members could open and lock a locker using their biometric fingerprint. This gives them a secure locker only they can access to store their things while getting on with activities. But when they are done, the locker becomes free again for someone else to use. This locker ad hoc system takes away the need for locker keys, keeping things cheaper and simpler.

Furthermore, if the leisure centre has some catering facilities, a cafe, or even vending machines – the biometric system could also be integrated into that system as well. Members would use their fingerprint to authenticate payments from their membership account. It’s a nice approach in a leisure centre to keep things cashless. Members can keep their wallet and money secure in their locker when making a purchase or maybe not even worry about bringing a wallet along at all.

The security of a biometric leisure centre

The convenience of a biometric leisure centre is what will appeal to members – but for them and the leisure centre itself, the extra security a biometric system can bring is most welcome.

The biometric system ensures only approved individuals gain access to the gym. When members scan in and out, you can always keep a detailed record of who is on the site at what times – useful in an emergency or in the incident of a potential theft from lockers. Hopefully biometric lockers would reduce that risk, but should it happen, you have secure records of who was at the leisure centre at the relevant time.

Biometrics really help elevate the level of security in a leisure centre. With a smartcard for sign-in for example, someone other than the owner of the smartcard could use it to gain entrance to the centre. Or if passwords or PINs were used, they could become compromised.

It can be hard sometimes to motivate yourself to go to the leisure centre and work out. The last thing leisure centres want to be therefore is a hassle to use and access. Biometric can be a way to make everything much more leisurely.

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