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Biometrics Yet to Convince Americans

August 16, 2016

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A new survey has shown that Americans still prefer to use passwords over biometrics. It appears there is still work to be done to clear up misconceptions about biometric technology and convince Americans of its benefits, something which is happening quicker in Europe and other markets.


Passwords still preferred over biometrics?

The survey interviewed more than 1000 Americans over the age of 18. A majority of respondents, 58 per cent, indicated a preference for password solutions over biometrics. In the American market, it seems that the message about the benefits of the technology, and all the security they bring, has not yet swayed their opinion. What’s more surprising though, is that the message that passwords are today seen as a major security vulnerability, hasn’t been received either.

Nearly a third of the respondents, 32 per cent, said they felt using biometrics could lead to hackers breaking into their accounts and gaining personal data. Biometric solution providers, and those companies who use them, need to get the message across that the technology has quite the opposite effect. Their security superiority over passwords is undoubted. Passwords have become overly cumbersome and a vulnerability that hackers target.

Slow adoption

Perhaps we shouldn’t really be all that surprised that adoption of such technology is slower in the US. For example in Europe, payment technology is one area where biometrics are really making their impact felt – but the US has always lagged behind Europe in terms of adopting payment technology change, with chip and pin catching on much more slowly.

Part of the problem, and a major reason why the Americans in this survey prefer passwords to biometrics, is that only 10 per cent of the respondents had ever used a fingerprint scanner.

Here in Europe, adoption and willingness to use biometrics is much higher. More and more organisations and customers are realising the benefits that biometrics can bring. They can deliver both higher levels of security and much greater convenience to solutions at the moment than the username and password combination.

With many schools in the UK now implementing biometrics as the preferred choice of identity authentication, it is not surprising we are seeing a much greater adoption of such technology when they leave education.

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Digital Trends: Americans Prefer A ‘Password’ Over A Fingerprint

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