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Biometrics set for Strong 2016

January 13, 2016

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Biometrics had a strong year in 2015. And this year is looking no different. One of largest financial services company in the world, KPMG, is at the start of this year, further predicting the growth and proliferation of biometric technology. According to leaders at the company, Biometrics will have a huge part to play in authentication services in 2016.


Passwords failing

David Ferbrache, technical director at KPMG, highlighted how passwords have become both a security liability and also just a nuisance for end users. He said:

“People are being forced to adopt more and more convoluted passwords, while simultaneously trying to avoid the temptation to reuse those super strong passwords.

“It is high time we moved to a more sophisticated approach to authenticating people which blends biometrics, behavioural analysis and contextual information rather than relying on knowledge of a single increasingly user unfriendly password.”

Simplicity needed

We couldn’t agree more. Security solutions should be simple and secure. Biometrics can help achieve just that. From the end-user point of view, users simply have to bring themselves along. Biometrics are a unique identifier, that when implemented correctly are incredibly difficult to spoof or replicate. As part of a multi-factor authentication solution, biometrics are the safest and most secure solution available on the market.

David Ferbrache believes it is unlikely passwords will completely be eradicated by the end of 2016, but their years are numbered. He said:

“We would dearly love to see [the end of passwords] come true, but we have a suspicion it isn’t likely in 2016… maybe in a few years to come.”

Security needs bolstering

It’s imperative that biometrics start to make their way into security solutions. At the moment, current methods are not secure enough and are too often a weak spot in cyber security solutions. Biometrics have a key role to play in improving cyber security, an issue that is only going to grow in importance during the next few years.

KPMG themselves actually held a FinTech challenge in the last week of 2015, asking companies to come up with biometric solutions, with a focus on secure authentication for the financial industry.

2016 will be a big year for biometrics. More of the world’s largest companies are waking up to their potential. But they can be a powerful solution for organisations of all sizes. Our work and success in schools in the last ten years has convinced us of the power and potential of biometric solutions. Their security and convenience are exactly what anyone would want from an authentication solution.

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