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Biometrics Popularity Continues to Grow

June 8, 2016

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More than 50 per cent of consumers are now ready to ditch usernames and passwords all together. That’s according to a new survey by For people of all ages, across the board, the issues and vulnerabilities of usernames and passwords have become too much and they indicated a preference for two-factor authentication methods and biometrics.


Rise of alternative methods’s survey gathered responses form 2,000 adults from the U.S and a further 2,000 from the UK. The respondents were aged between 18 and 69 and all of them had a number of online accounts. Of the 52 per cent of respondents ready to ditch passwords, 29 per cent indicated a preference for two-factor authentication and 20 per cent said they like biometric solutions best.

Alternate log-in methods are growing in popularity because of their convenience and security it would seem. Of those who indicated a preference away from passwords, 80 per cent said they believed biometrics were the most secure method.

Passwords declining

It’s arguably not only the attraction of alternative access control methods driving this change. It is the un-user-friendly nature of current password systems. Only 16 per cent of the respondents to the survey said that they followed best practice password guidelines and actually ensure long and unique passwords for all their accounts. Many admitted to using short, simple and repeat passwords. Some even used the passwords like ‘password’ and ‘1234’ for some accounts. Even worse, six per cent of respondents even indicated they used the same password for every single account they owned.

There’s no doubt the popularity of biometrics is growing steadily. As more users are exposed to biometrics in mainstream solutions, such as the iPhone, the more they start to believe and trust in the technology. Here at BioStore, we believe that biometrics are on their way to becoming a mainstream solution for all kinds of access control problems. We see just how powerful their application can be every day in the schools and businesses we serve. Head here to find out more about how biometrics can make your organisation more secure, more convenient and more efficient.

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