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Biometrics Market Predicted Huge Growth

November 6, 2018

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A number of reports are predicting huge growth in the biometrics market. It’s likely all over the world we will see biometric technology integrated into more industries and solutions, no matter where you are.

Biometrics Market Predicted Huge Growth

Why such big growth for the Biometric market?

The global biometrics market is predicted to reach heights of USD $59.31 billion by 2025 in one report. That comes from Research and Markets in a report entitled ‘Global Biometrics Technology Market Analysis’. It’s predicting that the market will have a CAGR of 19.5 per cent in the forecasted period, 2018-2025. The growth of biometrics has long been predicted to be so strong, and it’s not changing.

This report particularly highlights the growth of biometric technologies in transport and logistical industries. The security combined with ease-of-use that biometric solutions provides are making it the go to option for many sectors and industries.

One such industry is healthcare, which another report specifically for that market likewise predicted huge growth for biometric solutions. The Global Healthcare Biometrics Market report by Market Research Future predicts the CAGR for biometrics in healthcare is even bigger at 22 per cent. The overall healthcare biometric market will be worth USD $5.6 billion according to the report.

Biometrics can provide security and safety to the all-important patient data that the healthcare industry has to manage.

Today’s biometrics market

The biometrics market is constantly predicted to have a strong and fruitful future in nearly all quarters. That’s because the technology is becoming well-established and does everything organisations need in terms of security and usability. As trust in such technology grows and awareness of its benefits increase, the advancement and spread of biometric technology will only increase.

But such solutions don’t have to be reserved for the future. Today, organisations of all sizes can take advantage of biometric solutions to make their workspace more efficient and productive. Here at BioStore, we integrate biometrics into our identity management solutions to create incredibly easy to use and reliable solutions that make the workplace easy for employees. Find out more here.

REsearch And Markets: Global Biometrics Technology Market Analysis

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