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The Power of a Biometric Staff Attendance Systems

August 9, 2018

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Biometric staff attendance systems are an efficient and secure way of recording the presence of staff in the office. Like all the best solutions, it benefits everyone involved. Employers gain a system that is reliable and can’t be cheated. And employees working life is made that bit simpler and easier.

The Power of a Biometric Staff Attendance Systems

Get results with biometric staff attendance systems

Hopefully your workplace doesn’t have a major issue with absences, but biometric staff attendance systems can go a long way to remedying the issue if so. That’s what the General Administration Department of the Regional Jammu and Kashmir Government in India found at least.

Attendance of civil workers was an issue, but the implementation of a biometric system has helped attendance boost from 45 per cent to 80 per cent. It said that the biometric system helped improve workforce productivity, efficiency and human resource management.

With biometric staff attendance systems, there’s no way for staff to hoodwink the system or get away with not showing up to work because their attendance will always be reliably recorded. Now hopefully no situation is that extreme in your office. But what the biometric system does is allow for secure and accurate records of attendance, so you know exactly what’s going on.

Who’s really benefitting from biometric staff attendance systems?

On a daily basis, biometric staff attendance systems mainly benefit who they are made for: the staff. With a biometric system, there are no passwords to have stolen. There are no smartcards to lose and have to replace. All staff ever need to access the office and record their attendance is themselves. It couldn’t be simpler for them from a user perspective.

And with a solution like BioStore’s, we allow further integration of our fingerprint authentication system into other office services like pull-printing printing or cashless catering. When employees can use the same simple fingerprint authentication around the office for multiple tasks, you really create a unified and simple-to-use working environment. Find out more how BioStore can implement biometric staff attendance systems that work for employer and employee.

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