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How Biometric Sign-in Can Reduce Employee Frustration

April 30, 2019

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Biometric sign-in can be the answer to user frustration in a number of scenarios. It’s the way to reduce hassle and make access easy and simple. And there is no better place to reduce frustration than in the office.

How Biometric Sign-in can Reduce Employee Frustration

Biometric sign-in for banking growing

A new survey has shown how biometric sign-in can be invaluable. This survey of financial customers asked them about their experience accessing their financial services. Some 43 per cent said they found online login procedures frustrating. And 86 per cent said they would consider changing provider if accessing their financial information online remained frustrating and cumbersome.

In light of this, more and more banks will take the cue to start implementing faster and securer alternatives. Biometric sign-in is leading the way to improve authentication methods. It’s extremely secure, while at the same time gives customers an unparalleled level of convenience. Sign-in becomes so easy when all you need is your fingerprint.

Customers’ familiarity with fingerprint biometrics for unlocking smartphones makes using them for financial services on the same device a natural step.

Make the workplace easy to navigate

It’s no different for the employees in your office than it is for those financial customers. Poor access control systems cause frustration. If getting into the office, logging onto a computer, authenticating printing, or even getting lunch from the canteen is cumbersome and slow, employees become frustrated.

You want your employees to be able to get around the office with ease. You want them to be able to get a decent meal quickly from the canteen. Ultimately, you want them to only worry about the important stuff instead of office logistics.

The biometric sign-in BioStore provide can help achieve that. All employees need is their fingerprint to access a host of applications and services around the office. It keeps the working day simple and easy, halting any frustration.

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