Importance of Biometric Security Growing

July 5, 2018

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The importance of biometric security is only heading in one direction at the moment. With cyber security incidents more common than ever, and traditional security measures failing, in so many different areas and industries, biometrics are being identified as the tool that can improve security without a cost to convenience.

Importance of Biometric Security Growing

Importance of biometric security informed by password failure

The main reason the importance of biometric security has grown is because of the failure of passwords to adequately protect people. Once upon a time, passwords made sense, but not in today’s world. Once every service and website you could think of started requiring passwords, it became an unmanageable system. How are you realistically meant to have 50 plus unique complicated passwords and be expected to remember them all? It’s just not practical. What it leads to is people using the same simple password again and again.

Splash Data, every year publish the most common passwords in use discovered in data breaches. Passwords that can easily be hacked such as ‘123456’ and ‘password’ still top the list. And when they are not easily guessed, too often websites and services do a bad job of protecting them. Once your password is discovered in one location, if your using the same password elsewhere, that’s an issue too. Passwords are no longer particularly secure, and they are certainly not convenient. In fact, it’s the lack of convenience that cause the insecure practices.

Importance of biometric security to BioStore

The importance of biometric security in our BioStore solutions is massive. We believe the fingerprint scanning technique we offer to organisations lets them create incredibly secure and convenient solutions for schools, workplaces, gyms, and more.

Using biometrics unequivocally ties authentication to identity. With a fingerprint scan, you can’t borrow someone else’s authentication. So not only is the solution very convenient – you can’t lose or forget your fingerprint – but security is ensured. With biometrics, people are who they say they are.

Biometric security enables internal operations to run more smoothly, but also makes attacks from the outside harder. For example, a biometric can not be phished or socially engineered online or over email like passwords often are.

Find out why so many organisations are turning to biometrics, and how your place of work, school or organisation could start using biometrics to make daily life more convenient and securer.

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