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Biometric Payment Methods Continue to Increase Appeal

May 22, 2018

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Slowly but surely, biometric payment methods are becoming the preference of consumers around the world. We are seeing again, and again, it is the convenience and security that such solutions provide that appeal to consumers.

NZ Biometric Payment Methods Continue to Increase Appeal

New Zealanders embracing biometric payment methods

The latest evidence of this growing biometric payment methods trend comes from New Zealand. In a survey by Visa, it found an overwhelming number of respondents wanted biometric payment options on their mobile and wearable devices to make payments easier and faster. Some 88 per cent said they were in favour of such solutions.

New Zealanders said that not having to remember passwords or PINs was the main benefit of the switch to biometric payment methods, whether it be by fingerprint, retina scanning or voice and facial recognition.

Kiwis in the survey also said that they often use the same password and PIN on different accounts. In fact, 29 per cent were guilty of the bad habit. A switch to biometrics would then also additionally be a comfortable improvement in security for a large amount of the respondents.

Marty Kerr, Visa’s Country Manager for New Zealand and South Pacific said:

“Five years ago, the idea that entering a PIN could become a rare experience would have been almost unbelievable. Yet Kiwis are demanding more innovative ways to pay, and security needs to move at the same speed.”

BioStore’s biometric payment methods

BioStore lets organisations introduce biometric payment methods for internal use in catering solutions. You can let employees use the same authentication they use to access the office, maybe logon to their computer, authorise printing, and make payments at staff catering facilities or vending machines.

We offer a fingerprint solution, which if the results of a survey by the University of Texas are anything to go by, still remains the most popular form of biometrics with people. In a survey of 1,000 American consumers, 86 per cent were comfortable using fingerprint biometric solutions, whereas comfort levels with facial recognition, iris scanning, and other forms of the technology were far lower.

Biometric solutions are becoming ever more plausible solutions in our private lives – why not let people use the same benefit and convenience in their working life too?

Planet Biometrics: NZ users prefer biometric payments

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