A Biometric Office Lunch for Staff?

June 7, 2018

A biometric office lunch system could be the best solution for organisations that are keen to promote and enhance the wellbeing of their staff. A regular healthy lunch helps keep up staff energy levels throughout the day boosting their performance, and also avoids office problems and drama that can arise from packed lunches.

A Biometric Office Lunch for Staff

Why switch to biometric office lunch?

The switch to an attractive biometric office lunch system, that lets staff quickly and easily get and pay for a healthy lunch, can help solve a number of office food problems. For example, office food thieves remain an issue. A survey by Deliveroo found that 33 per cent of office workers have had some food stolen from them in the last year. It’s mainly milk and biscuits that get stolen, but the stealing of sandwiches and more substantial meals goes on. It’s not a good thing for moral in the office.

One thing that can be good for moral is when co-workers bring in food to share. It’s a friendly gesture, but research has shown it can encourage unhealthy eating that people would normally avoid. Because the food is free, and people are often stressed at work, it’s hard to resist the food and it causes emotional eating. You would stick to your diet if you saw the same muffin in a shop with a price tag, but when the food is free and just sitting nearby, it’s all too easy to say, ‘oh what the hell?’ and indulge. Not always a bad thing, but if it becomes regular office culture it can become unhealthy.

One other survey showed another prevalent lunch time habit that might not be the best for people. A survey by New Covent Garden Soup found that one in six workers eat the same lunch day after day. A bit of familiarity is nice, but some variation in the diet is always welcome. People likely do it so that it’s one less decision they have to make in their busy schedules. A catering system would make variety a lot easier than having to prep interesting meals for work everyday.

Biometric office lunch to make life simpler

Here at BioStore we believe a biometric office lunch system is the best way to go. A catering solution that serves healthy meals daily in an attractive environment makes for workers who have the energy to perform. It can also help foster team spirit and boost moral to be able to eat with co-workers.

The biometric aspect means meals can be paid for simply and quickly, with just a scan of a fingerprint. There’s no need for staff to bring cash to work, instead their payments are drawn from an online account they can easily keep manually topped up or they can set to auto top-up.

It helps keep queues and waiting times down at lunch time, and means they can never forget what they need for lunchtime payment, it’s simply their finger.

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