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How a Biometric ID can Make the Difference in the Office?

November 22, 2018

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A biometric ID for the office could be just the answer you’re looking for. That’s if you’re looking for an office that is safe, but at the same time, truly simple and easy to use for employees? Compared to its alternatives, biometric ID provides the smoothest solution for managing day to day office life.

How a Biometric ID can Make the Difference in the Office

The security of a biometric ID

What a biometric ID does better than any alternative for granting access to an office or to online resources, is improve security. You could use smartcards or PINs for such systems, which can be very effective, but they do have potential to get lost. And they also have potential to be stolen. If someone takes your smartcard, they can use it to access areas maybe they shouldn’t be able to.

With a biometric on the other hand, your authentication is literally in your hand if you use a fingerprint-based system. You can’t leave it lying about somewhere by accident, and no one can steal it and use it themselves without your knowledge.

Our approach to biometrics here at BioStore ensures the data we hold for such a solution is limited and given the ultimate encryption protection. This limited method gives us enough data to create a secure and reliable system, but without the need to store anything that would compromise employee privacy. From the data we store, someone’s original fingerprint could not be recreated.

Convenience of a biometric ID

The security of a biometric ID system is paramount and the biggest benefit. It keeps your office secure at all times in both the online and physical space, if used for door access and computer log-in. But the major benefit that employees will appreciate and see on a day to day basis more clearly, is the convenience, especially when biometrics are integrated into multiple solutions.

Implemented in this way, biometrics mean no need to remember multiple passwords for different services around the office. The same fingerprint grants access to the office, access to online resources, authorises printing jobs, and can even be linked up to payments in the office canteen.

A biometric ID can take your office from frustrating and tiresome to use, to simple, quick and easy. Find out more.

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