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Biometric Cards the Next Step?

February 7, 2019

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Biometric cards that integrate a fingerprint scanner onto credit or debit cards have been trialled for the last few years. Is the technology ready to make its full commercial debut and will it be a success?

Biometric Cards the Next Step?

2019 a breakthrough year for biometric cards

Many are predicting 2019 to be the year biometric cards start to make their mark. The technology is getting there. Cards that have long-lasting low-battery capabilities and fingerprint scanning are possible.

So many of us are used to using our fingerprint to unlock our smartphones and even authenticate payments. But an option that might appeal to many is to use their fingerprint in conjunction with a payment card. Especially in a retail environment, people are comfortable using cards for payments, using your phone can be a bit clunky.

Cards that incorporate a biometric element directly on the card are appealing because they take the security of cards up a level. Fingerprints are much more unique than a PIN or signature. And they can be used passively. You only have to have your finger on the scanner to prove its you using your card.

Fingerprint biometric cards could be incredibly speedy, convenient and secure approach to payments in the retail space. It’s no wonder so many are predicting the growth of the technology, with many marking 2019 as the year they start to make waves. Goode Intelligence near the end of last year predicted there would be 579 million in use by 2023.

Biometric cards in the office

Biometric cards could be a very powerful way to introduce fingerprints to the open market place and retail environment. We see the benefits biometrics bring to security and convenience in our solutions in offices everyday here at BioStore. However, in a closed environment like an office, the need for the card middle-man is less.

We allow offices to let their employees use their fingerprint to access the office, log on to computers, authenticate printing and even pay for office catering. They don’t need a card to do any of it though, they can just scan their fingerprint directly at whatever ID point they are at. This wouldn’t work in the open retail space, but in a closed environment, is an attractive option with a few upsides. For one, employees don’t have to remember to bring anything to work, they just need their finger to identify who they are around the office. No one can steal their authentication like they might steal a password or smartcard.

2019 could be a big year for biometric cards. But already biometrics themselves are an amazingly powerful approach for offices to take internally, creating a workplace that is super easy to use and massively secure.

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