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How Biometric Authentication Solutions are Taking Over?

August 28, 2018

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Biometric authentication solutions are becoming ever more familiar to people in society. It’s the mobile phone that has taken the technology from something we once used to see in the movies, to something we can all use on a daily basis to ensure security.

How Biometric Authentication Solutions are Taking Over

Biometric authentication solutions taking off in mobiles

Mobile phones have massively proliferated biometric authentication solutions. One report believes that by 2020, nearly all smartphone devices will include biometric authentication solutions. And people are keen to do far more than just unlock such devices using biometrics, they want to bring that security to other services available on the phone, like banking and payments.

In one survey, some 59 per cent of those aged 16 to 24 and 69 per cent of those aged 25 to 34 said they were using phones for their mobile banking. Fingerprint scanning or facial recognition makes log-in to those convenient services incredibly secure. In fact, one estimate put it at 22 million people in the UK using mobile apps to manage their accounts last year.

Goode Intelligence thinks that by 2020, around the world, 1.9 billion bank customers will utilise biometrics for banking. Mobile banking is helping biometric authentication solutions get a strong hold, and vice versa, biometrics are helping ensure the security and use of mobile banking platforms.

Biometric authentication solutions for the office

Mobile phones have been a great way to show a wide spectrum of the population just how powerful biometric authentication solutions can be. But they should not be considered as solely belonging in the mobile space. Here at BioStore, we let you bring the same benefits you enjoy in your mobile phone, security and convenience, to your organization’s office, or to school or even gyms and leisure centres.

You can implement our biometric scanners to make access to the building, registering of attendance, cashless catering and more incredibly easy and simple for users. An employee could arrive to work, gain access to the office with a simple scan at the door of their fingerprint, log on to their computer using the same technique, collect printing and then pay for lunch, all using the same authentication. Biometrics are a convenient solution that can’t be lost or stolen, unlike a password or card, combined with top-rate security. No one can steal users’ verification method when you use biometric authentication solutions.

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