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Biometric Authentication Advantages Being Missed?

June 18, 2019

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There are many biometric authentication advantages when verifying identity. It can be a powerful secure and convenient approach in a number of scenarios. Yet, one survey has shown that when it comes to online payments, the British people are not convinced yet.

Biometric Authentication Advantages are There

Conveying biometric advantages

In a survey of British consumers, the confidence in biometric authentication advantages was low when it came to online payments.

A third said they did not want companies to have access to their biometric details. Some 30 per cent said they did not know enough about biometrics to be confident, and 29 per cent said biometrics did not seem safe – with 27 per cent believing their finger could be cloned.

When it comes to banking and financial payments people want security first – they don’t want to doubt what they are doing. Biometrics clearly still have a perception challenge to overcome.

There are many companies that supply biometric authentication. It is up to organisations and the end users to make sure the supplier is dedicated to satisfying end users need for security and safety.

Our biometric solutions are used to provide physical access to buildings, rooms and digital applications. The security of our biometric solution is paramount. We use biometric fingerprints in a secure way that does not compromise privacy. From the data we securely store using encryption, your fingerprint can never be recreated. Not enough data is recorded to do that.

Our system has a 1 in 100,000 false acceptance rates, secure enough for organisations, but not accurate enough to identify someone in the larger population. This gives security without compromised privacy in our biometric fingerprint solution.

Other secure authentication methods

Here at BioStore we offer our customers different authentication methods. We recognise that for some organisations, passwords, PINs and smartcards are the preferable alternatives.

We offer organisations several authentication methods to choose from. If they want greater security, they can use multi-factor authentication which provides a securer approach. It’s about listening and working with organisations to make the best unique solution for them.

No matter which authentication method organisations choose to use for access control, we let them use it to the max. That means letting their authentication do more than just grant access to buildings. The same authentication method can be used in the office canteen, log onto computers, authenticate printing jobs or even grant access to lockers.

Find out more about how BioStore lets organisations do more than ever with our secure identity management system.

The Fintech Times: British Consumers Reluctant to Swap Passwords for Biometrics for Fear of Identity Fraud

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