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The Biometric Approach to Print Management Solutions

July 31, 2018

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Print management solutions are an important part of an office’s operations, even in this ever-growing digital environment. When organisations opt for a biometric approach, they create a print management solution that is secure and easy-to-use for staff.

The Biometric Approach to Print Management Solutions

Secure print management solutions

Print management solutions form an integral part of data security. Keeping sensitive documents secure and private is not solely the job of cyber security solutions. Physical documents still need to be properly managed and secured. This is where a biometric system for printing is invaluable.

When you order a print job using a system like BioStore’s biometric print management, your printing job does not just start spewing out of the office printer. Our biometric system allows for pull-printing solutions. You go to the printer most convenient to you, scan your fingerprint, and then your print job is delivered. This stops important documents sitting in the office printing tray. Documents that are meant for your eyes only are kept that way with a biometric system.

Convenience with biometric print management solutions

It’s not only more secure to approach print management solutions in this way, it’s also simply more convenient for staff. They can collect prints when they want, at a printer most convenient to them. Not to mention they can collect their printing jobs from an un-cluttered printing tray.

Users also only need their fingerprint to use the system. It’s an extremely powerful approach when organisations use BioStore’s identity management throughout the rest of the office, because then the same authentication is used office-wide for all kinds of services.

BioStore’s identity management solution can be used to restrict printing in any way an organisation sees fit too. Perhaps the number of printing jobs in a day for a user can be limited, or they can be limited to only black and white printing jobs.

The biometric approach is the modern, secure and convenient way to handle printing. It ensures security, while being incredibly easy for staff to use.

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