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Biometric Airports Coming into Land

April 9, 2019

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The convenience and security biometric airports provide is driving the further deployment of such technology around the world. Researchers are predicting big growth in the coming years and one of the first European deployments of biometrics launched recently.

Biometric Airports Coming into Land

Biometric airports come to Europe

The market researchers, Acuity, believe biometric airports are on their way in the coming years. It predicts that between 2019 and 2022, the total number of biometric enabled airports will grow annually by 27 per cent.

We’ve seen in the past such biometric solutions implemented in the United States and Asia. But SITA has started to implement biometric systems in Europe for the first time. At Athens International Airport, facial recognition technology has been installed for passengers travelling with Aegean Airlines. Subsequently, passengers don’t need a boarding pass, just their face will do. Sergio Colella, SITA President for Europe said:

“The improvement to security and the passenger experience is tremendously positive. It explains the growing interest in this solution from both airlines and airports in Europe and around the world.”

Airports can notoriously be a place of frustration. The smoother airports can make the experience for passengers the better. The move to biometric solutions certainly can be one thing that streamlines and improves the air travel experience.

Using biometrics home and away

It’s that same convenience and security experienced in a biometric airport, that we bring to organisations internally here at BioStore. We can let organisations of all sizes make use of biometric technology to deliver operations that are fast, fluid and hassle-free.

Whether it be as simple as access control and attendance registering, or as advanced as allowing biometrics to pay for cashless catering, BioStore can help implement the biometric solutions that make your workplace so easy to use for employees. Your workers only worry about their work, and not on admin and mundane tasks. Everything they need to access round the office, they can, with nothing more than their fingerprint. Find out more here, how you could let your employees not only use biometrics when they are away on their holidays, but also back home at work.

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