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Biometric Air Travel Proves to be a Winner

February 27, 2018

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We’ve seen over the past couple of years, numerous trials of biometric air travel. The tech has the power to make the whole airport experience both more secure but also far more convenient for passengers. Well, we now have evidence of such tech’s success, not just trial.

Biometric Air Travel Proves to be a Winner

SITA wins biometric air travel award

SITA, the IT and telecommunications company that provides services to much of the world’s airports, has won the Aviation Technology Achievement award at the Air Transport World 2018 awards. It’s biometric trial in conjunction with Jet Blue and US custom borders, which we have reported on in the past, was the winner.

The trial allowed passengers to carry out a self-boarding process just using biometric technology, in this case, a facial scan. It was a paper-less system that allowed the airport to carry out all the security checks it needed for customs, but also made the passenger experience easier and quicker. SITA CEO, Barbara Dalibard said:

“Integrating biometrics with the industry’s existing infrastructure, IT systems and processes, along with multiple security and border control systems, can be complex but it delivers a remarkably simple solution. Our work with JetBlue and the US CBP shows how SITA delivers secure and seamless travel to the industry today.”

Why biometrics make sense for secure authentication

Biometrics can be a powerful solution, wherever you desire or need greater security, without compromising convenience. That’s why they make sense for airports – we’ve all had frustrating long airport check-in and security experiences. Biometrics have the right qualities to speed up the process while maintaining the high-level of security needed.

But that level of security and convenience is also applicable elsewhere. Here at BioStore, we use biometrics to bring those same benefits to schools and commercial organisations. We can make them run smoothly and operate securely, by using one strong central Identity Management database. Then pupil or staff only need one biometric to access everything they need on site.

Biometrics are taking to the skies, but they have huge potential down here on the ground too.

SITA: SITA wins prestigious award for biometric boarding technology

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