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How Far Can You Take Biometric Access in the Office?

February 21, 2019

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Biometric access in the office lets your employees use nothing more than their fingerprint to access everything they need throughout the office day. Just what processes can biometrics be applied to and what benefits does it bring to your workers?

How Far Can You Take Biometric Access in the Office

Start and end the day with biometric access

The key to powerful biometric access is to implement it throughout the office. That way, you create a unified and streamlined experience for your employees. They can use the same authentication from the start of the day right through to the end.

For a start, access to the office itself would be granted via a fingerprint scan. This automatically and reliably records attendance at the same time. Then within the office, certain areas could be accessed through fingerprint scans. Once employees are at their desk, the biometric can still be used to make the working day easier. Biometrics can be used for computer log-in and for authenticating printing jobs.

Then there are the office extras. Like catering or a gym. If your office has catering, meals can be paid for using nothing more than a fingerprint scan. Or if there is an office gym, access to it and the use of lockers could similarly use a biometric.

Everything your employees need throughout the day is literally at their fingertips with biometric access.

The security of biometrics access

This holistic approach to biometric access greatly increase the convenience of the workplace. But in the background, what it is really doing is improving security and accountability in leaps and bounds.

With passwords or smartcards, if someone else gets their hands on yours, they can use it and pretend to be you. Well, it’s not as easy to get their hands on your hands. Biometrics ensure that it is only your approved employees accessing your office and using its services.

Biometric access in this way works in everybody’s favour. Such solutions make the working day easier and safer for both employer and employee. Find out more here how biometrics can make the difference to your employees’ working day.

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