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How Best to use School Lockers?

December 27, 2017

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If every Hollywood movie about high-school is to be believed, it’s not really a school unless every corridor is lined with lockers. It’s not a school unless lockers are filled with cut-outs of favourite bands and teenage heartthrobs, oh, and maybe the odd textbook or two. But in the real world, what are lockers like in a school and what’s the best way for schools to implement them?

Sharing locker

When I went to school, a mightily heavy backpack stuffed with textbooks, PE kit and a sizeable packed lunch was always weighing me down. It was only when I joined the 6th form I got my own locker – which never made much sense to me – by that time I had fewer lessons and a car to bung my stuff in – a locker a few years earlier would have been much appreciated thanks!

With the advent of digital learning, textbooks are perhaps becoming less relevant. The student culture has changed, and they are used less – but on the odd occasion, a locker is still handy for sure – just perhaps not enough to dedicate a locker to every single student.

A temporary locker

Biometric lockers, the like we provide here at BioStore, are a way schools can easily implement a temporary locker solution instead. That way, lockers aren’t solely devoted to one student at a time.

A student would find a free locker, store their stuff and lock it with a biometric scan (many schools already use our biometrics around the country for attendance and catering). Students would later use the same biometric to unlock their lockers.

More than education

BioStore’s approach to locker management makes them versatile, convenient and extremely secure. Our solution would work perfectly in a work environment or a gym. Whenever it is impractical to give every member a personal locker, biometric reusable lockers are the best way to go.

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