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The Best Access Control Implementation for Organisations

June 20, 2019

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Organisations should make secure access control implementation a priority. Whether at a company’s offices, a school, hospital or gym, a secure system that controls who has access to where and when facilitates an easy to use and efficient environment.

The Best Access Control Implementation for Organizations

Put Identity at heart of access control

The best access control implementation puts identity management at its core. If you use an identity management system, you can assign each person with different levels of permissions. You can set what each person has access rights too. You can control which areas of your physical site they have access to. And on top of that, you can set control permissions to services, like catering, printing, and even computer login and digital assets. You have flexible and complete control in your access control set-up when it it’s integrated with an identity management system.

At BioStore, we encourage organisations to implement the practical side of access control in a way that best serves their needs. We offer a combination of biometrics, smartcards and PINs. They can choose to use a single or multi-factor authentication. Using multi-factor access control is a sure way to achieve security. All three methods remain very simple to use. Users only need to scan their fingerprint, scan a smartcard or enter a pin to confirm access, whether it be to a building, a computer, a print job, or to pay for their lunch and drink.

The convenience of a unified approach

A unified approach to access and identity management system means there’s nothing extra to remember in order to verify your identity to purchase your lunch, print and copy, access to computer and more. The same authentication is used to access all physical and digital applications.

It’s a unified approach every organisation should consider. You make your organisation so much more efficient, more productive, and an ease to get around.

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