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The Benefits of Proper Office Access Control

February 28, 2019

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Office access control might seem like a small thing with limited benefits. But the way you allow employees to do access control throughout the working day all adds up. If you can make their multiple access control interactions easy and secure throughout the day, the overall benefit is much larger than the sum of its parts.

The Benefits of Proper Office Access Control

Security benefit of office access control

A proper office access control system’s main benefit is the security it can bring. That security can be both in the physical and digital space.

Using a solution such as biometric fingerprints or multi-factor authentication, lets offices ensure only approved individuals have access to the office as a whole and any services within. Your fingerprint is unique to you, so when it’s used to control access to the office, you know it is only approved workers who can gain access to your workplace.

Once within, certain areas of the office’s access can be controlled in much the same way. However, the main access control benefit once workers are inside is in the digital space.

Offices can use biometrics or multi-factor authentication to control computer log-in and even access to digital documents. Using these forms of authentication greatly improve security over options such as just a password or smartcard. When other people can use your authentication should they steal it or borrow it, solutions are not as secure.

Convenience benefit of access control

To bring the biggest benefit to workers, it’s crucial these access control methods are the same throughout an organisation. If all an employee needs to access the office and their computer is the same fingerprint biometric, life is made so easy. They don’t have a password to remember, or a smartcard to lose. What they need is always with them, and uniquely theirs.

That makes office life so simple but is just the start. Workplaces could integrate the same access control system around the office. It could start with access to the office car park, continue with printing authentication. It can even be used as part of a cashless catering solution, allowing vending machines and office catering to be paid for and collected with nothing more than the scan of a fingerprint.

It’s this unified approach that can really make a difference to employees’ working day. Admin and hassle are reduced, as everything they need to access is done quickly and simply. Operational frustrations are removed, and instead, the focus can remain on their work.

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