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What are the Benefits of a Cashless Catering System?

March 19, 2019

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The benefits of a cashless catering system are multiple. And most importantly, it works in everyone’s favour, both those using it on a day-to-day basis and the organisation installing and running it. Whether an office, gym, school, hospital, or anything in between, cashless catering can make a difference to the use and profitability of a canteen.

What are the Benefits of a Cashless Catering System?

Benefits of a cashless catering system for users

The benefits of a cashless catering system are first and foremost for the people who will be using it each day. They are the most important people to make catering better for. If you can improve the experience for them, you can increase the number of people using catering. That in turn makes the canteen more economically viable. So how does cashless catering make the experience better?

Well, cashless catering means all the payment for food has been done before hand whatever the organisation. Employees have an online account that can easily be auto topped-up and parents have accounts they can top-up from home for their children. With payment easily handled beforehand, there is no cash exchange needed in the canteen. Instead, a quick scan of a fingerprint, a smartcard or entry of a simple PIN or password is all that is needed to authenticate someone’s identity and their payment.

Staff and users don’t have to worry about counting change, but instead on just serving and receiving their meal. It can make the whole process far quicker and fight the build up of long queues. People are far more likely to use catering when they know it won’t eat up a huge chunk of their break time.

Benefits of a cashless catering system for organisations

The benefits of a cashless catering system go beyond just making the experience nicer for its users. Removing cash helps increase the number of users of the system, thus increasing profitability. Staff have a far easier job and can operate more efficiently.

A cashless catering system like BioStore’s gives kitchen staff huge amounts of information at their fingertips too. End of day reporting shows what is popular and what is not. Extensive use of pre-ordering options can give the kitchen a heads up each day too. It adds up to a catering system that can be run more efficiently and more economically.

Whether you’re feeding employees or students, getting more people well fed each and every day is a positive for organisations. They give employees and students the energy to do their best work in the latter half of the day.

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