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All Ages Ready to Bin Passwords

April 6, 2017

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Passwords have been a point of frustration for people for a long time now. They have become increasingly more cumbersome and difficult to use, especially as the demand for unique complicated passwords has grown. And on top of that, by themselves, they are not even doing a very good job of keeping our accounts and data secure anymore.

All Ages Ready to Bin Passwords

Growing demand for alternatives

As such, people are becoming more and more willing to try alternative methods of authentication. What’s more, it seems that if organisations provide alternatives, then the users will adopt them. At least that’s the evidence coming from a recent study by Lovation in collaboration with Aite Research.

For the study, called “Moving Beyond the Password: Consumer’s Views on Authentication”, researchers interviewed 1,100 consumers. Those interviewed spanned multiple generations. Millennials made up 35 per cent, gen X’ers 26 per cent, baby boomers 32 per cent, and seniors the remaining 7 per cent.

Unsurprisingly, the study found that millennials were the most open to trying alternative methods to authentication. They are the most exposed to alternate measures and least bogged down with a history of using passwords. Some 95 per cent of millennials indicated a willingness to try different kinds of authentication.

The drop-off in acceptance among the older generations was not that high however. Gen X’ers and baby boomers combined would be willing to try different methods at a rate of 82 per cent. And nearly half of the seniors interviewed were open to the idea as well.

Fingerprint trust

What’s possibly even more encouraging, especially for us here at BioStore, is that consistently across the generations, fingerprint scanning is perceived as the most effective replacement for the password. Millennials perceived fingerprints as effective at a rate of 84 per cent, and seniors at a rate of 67 per cent, with Gen X’ers and baby boomers falling in the middle.

The study shows that frustration with passwords is experienced across the board, and that the marketing of alternatives, such as fingerprint biometrics, does not need to be specifically aimed at one particular market or age group. Whatever the audience, biometrics can be an appealing and attractive alternative to the much-unloved password.

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